Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My new life as a young Mom...

I started off breastfeeding David but if you ever find a Mom that said it was pleasant, I call bullshit... it was far from a pleasant experience for me... I was 18 years old and too embarrassed to feed my child in front of anyone so I would go to my room for privacy and after a couple weeks, it was not convenient and it just hurt too much to keep doing it.  I had a health nurse that attended my house once a week to check on me and David.  She said if I absolutely had to stop then I would have to buy formula for him... I didn't care, I was done with the breastfeeding.  So David moved onto formula.  He didn't like it, well I guess he liked it well enough but it didn't like him... he got really gassy and cried alot, I noticed after a while that he was getting constipated too.  I asked the health nurse what I should do and she told me to try him on lactose free formula to see if it made a difference and holy cow, he was a totally different baby who had a much easier time feeding.  So it turns out my boy is lactose intolerant, I suppose there are alot worse things he could have had so I will live with that.

My Mom had suggested that I stay home for a year with David before going back to school, I was ok with that suggestion because I actually wasn't sure if I was going to go back to school or not.  I didn't actually have any plans at that moment in time, all I could focus on was one day at a time and this little person that I was responsible for all by myself.  My Mom used my inheritance to help me financially for a few months, she sent me money every month for my rent and bills.

I tried to carry on with the same lifestyle I had previous to having David which involved friends, boys, drinking and partying, not quite as much because I had to find a babysitter whenever I wanted to do that AND I had to pay them!!  For someone who was living off their Mom, I didn't have this kind of extra money.  I was lucky to have support from friends and their Moms who always liked to have David come visit or stay over... or at least I think they liked it... haha... I admit that there may have been times that they begrudgingly said yes even if they had plans. I guess because he was just so darn cute!

It wasn't long before I realized that living off my Mom wasn't the ideal situation to be in, she lived in a different province altogether and she was paying my rent and bills.  I had to figure something out... but what?

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