Thursday, September 22, 2011

My apologies, it has been far too long since I wrote a post... to be honest, the words are not coming to me... my life experiences and stories are all jumbled in my head and sometimes it is hard to get it out, maybe it's my subconscious telling me to slow down the story, now may not be the time to tell it.  It is a very personal story that I know I am taking a risk by sharing it with the world but the reason I do it always overpowers any conflicts I may have about telling it... the fact that I could reach out, shape my words into a hand and help someone up off their knees because they feel the pain that I have felt or have faced the challenges I have faced.  If my words, so simple yet so complicated, can support even one person reading them to keep going for another day, another week, another month in the face of adversity... then they are so worth it. 

I have been really busy lately with work and home life, it has been hard to find time outside of work, family and personal time.  The summer comes to a quick and abrupt end as David goes back to school and we gained another family member in the house, my 17 year old nephew has moved in with us from Winnipeg who is also going to school.  He reminds me a little of myself, he moved away from his friends and family to get a fresh start, finish school and re-prioritize... it takes alot of guts to do that, but us Olszowiec's seem to have those rock hard guts that keep us going :)  He is a very quiet kind of guy, has a really nice smile when you see it and he loves his movies and games.  David just turned 14 and he is a special young man, very sweet and funny (but only when HE wants to be or wants something... haha)... I am very blessed.

So funny to think back to this time last year, it was just me and D... since then my family has grown to include my amazing, super sweet hunny, Clayton, his two dogs, Duke and Bella and now my nephew... Bella and I are the only girls, but I think we hold down the fort pretty good... however, we may need to add another girl soon ;)  Life and emotions change so quickly... it's almost impossible to give up because you just never know when things will change for you.

Always remember to never have any regrets because you can't change the past, learn from your mistakes and apologize where you need to but it's ok to politely take a stand for what you believe in.  People come into your life for a reason, they may not be in your life for long or they may be there to the very end, either way you should always remember the great times and great teachings you get from them and smile, you are a much better person having had them in your life.  I hope you all have a fabulous day and weekend ahead.  I will try to be back soon.

All my relations :)