Friday, July 5, 2013

Birthday reflections..

Yesterday was my 34th birthday... it was an amazing birthday, I am so so lucky to have the people I have in my life but also took some time to reflect on the things I need to improve upon or let go of...

The news of someone's passing was the first to be read on my facebook, so very sad it is to read that someone's loved one is gone, lost their life in a tragic accident.  Reminds me much of my father's passing, a time that is so hard to think about when I was so young, a tragic accident took him away from us too.  A few facebook posts later I read that a baby has been born, a baby girl, my little niece, Emileen, named after her Grandmother who too passed suddenly not that long ago.

While I celebrate my life and reflect the good, the bad, the ugly (though I try not to spend too much time thinking of the bad nor the ugly) in my short (and sometimes long) 34 years, I think about how short and precious life can be and want to share something I feel is an important lesson that I learned over the years.
I am so very lucky to be in a very happy place in my life.  I have an amazing partner to share it with, a teenage boy who can be such a pain in the butt sometimes but he's still my baby that I am so proud of for everything he is, a baby boy who is so darn curious, full of energy and wants to see, touch and taste the world, he is teaching me alot about myself that I didn't know yet.  We share our home with our two teenage homestay students, one from China and one from Korea, who are both very nice young men enjoying their life here with hopes and dreams of continuing their studies in Canada for many years to come.  Then there's our two dogs, who have graciously (ok maybe not so graciously) allowed a new baby to take over much of their territory in the house.

I know how lucky I am to be here, but it wasn't an easy journey as you know if you have read my earlier blog posts... which I know there is still much to share.  Life can be very hard, but if you know how to deal with it, it does get easier.  Every situation that you are presented with are there for a reason, for you to learn and grow from it.  If every choice, decision, situation was easy... what would we know?  Not a lot.  Life throws lemons on purpose, we can either be sour and bitter about them, or we can take them, add some water and a little sugar to sweeten them up.  It is really all in how you want to deal with it.  Sometimes it is easier just to be sour and bitter, but in the long run... the negative energy will make life even more difficult.  You can choose to be happy, choose the good, positive energy and this will help you get through anything.  Really!  It will... I promise.  So next time you are in a situation that is difficult, try, just try to look at the positive side of things, embrace the lesson that the situation is teaching you and enjoy the fact that you have learned something new about yourself.  Life gets easier the more you choose happy.  So simple, yet so hard for some.  But I know you can do it, and when everyone can do this, the world will be a much better place.

So while one life ended today and another began... remember that you are still very much alive right now and if it ended suddenly, would you be happy with your life so far?  If not, go do something about it!  Choose happy!  Yes, it is a choice!

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