Thursday, June 2, 2011

The tale of Dotty

You will learn lots about me by following me but in the way of a little introduction to myself and where I come from, I want to introduce you to Dotty...

My name is Lolly... born Laurelee Diana Olszowiec but have been Lolly my whole life.  There was a time when I was called Dotty too, a loving nickname that my Mother, Margaret always called me... it wasn't so much the name that I loved to hear in her soft spoken voice, but the way she said it.  My Mom is an amazing woman that shows such strength and unselfishness that I can only hope to be as strong and unselfish as her one day.  Margaret was born in a small Cree community in Northern Manitoba called Nelson House, also known as  Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation, where three rivers meet.  She was the first and only daughter of a fisherman and his wife, Robinson and Dinah Spence and her five older brothers: John, Sandy, Roy, Jimmy and Clifford.

My Father, David was a small town Cape Bretoner, half Polish and half Scottish who was the one of six children of a coal miner and nurse.  His siblings consisted of two brothers, Blair and Gerrard and three sisters, Maria, Beverly and Karen.  My Dad was also an amazing person, super smart, handsome and never ever judged anyone... ever.

They met in Northern Manitoba where my Dad was working and Mom says he was very persistent about dating her even after she said no many times.  He eventually won her over and they married and had three children together... Christopher, Scott and, you guessed it... ME... the spoiled lil princess of the family :)  You will hear more about each of these important people who have had significant impacts on my journey thus far.  Though we are all in different geographical spaces, I still hold all of them very close to my spirit and think about them all the time, I also have a nephew, Little Chris and two nieces, Emma and Hannah who are near and dear to my heart.

Another person you will hear alot about is my son, David... who has saved my life in more ways than one and taught me many life lessons in his short life so far... he will be 14 this year and he is the sweetest, kindest, gentlest young man that I have the pleasure of knowing and having in my life everyday.

So that is a very brief history of where I come from, I am proud to be Cree and proud to be an Olszowiec but most of all, I am proud to be my mother's Dotty.

All my relations :)

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